Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Autogate system

If you plan to install autogate system, it is wise to have the autogate wiring ready before you move in, because it will involve in hacking of wall and floor to lay and conceal the cable.

Several kinds of autogate system are available in the market - swing, arm, sliding, fold, etc.

The swing and arm types are suitable for normal gates. Sliding type is used in sliding gate, which requires a rail on the floor and the wall next to the gate must be long enough for the gate to slide in when it opens. Folding gates also require a rail on the floor. It will fold up when open, and this kind of gate is the one which save the most spaces when opened, but also the most expensive one.

I have normal gates, and I opted for the arm type instead of the swing type, because the motor of swing type autogate system is normally burried into the floor, which is more difficult to service, and could be damaged by water entering into it. The motor of the arm type autogate system is installed on the supporting pillar of the gates, and the whole system is on top of the floor, won't be submerged by water.

The autogate system can be linked to the pillar lights circuit, so that your pillar lights will be automatically switched on whenever you open or close the gates, and swiched off when the open/close operation has completed.

Normally, autogates are opened either using remote control or switches inside the house. The remote control can be duplicated by locksmith if you require more units.


elizabeth said... Reply To This Comment

I am also shopping for an autogate.. saw the arm type, brenorial which was quoted at RM1,250. what is your experience so far?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Hi elizabeth,

I use the Raggio Del Sole RDS 9 piston arm type stainless steel autogate system, come with 3 remote controllers.

Maybe because my car's windows are tinted, need to get quite near to the gate in order for the remote control to work.

Lo Sheng said... Reply To This Comment

Hey! Could you please send me the contact of your autogate supplier? I'm also looking for one, and I think your comments about not having the system soaking in water underground makes sense.


E1 said... Reply To This Comment

I've beenrecommended to change my 8 yr old auto gate system to RDS9. Is yours still functioning well? Any breakdown issues?

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment


So far so good.

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