Monday, April 7, 2008

Hiding washroom inside the wardrobe

Nowadays, most of the house designs are having a washroom inside the bedrooms, this is especially common for the master bedroom.

However, having a washroom inside your bedroom is a very bad idea in feng shui practice. Even disregard the feng shui viewpoints, it doesn't look nice to see the washroom in your bedroom too. Therefore, when I planned for the location of the wardrobe in my master bedroom, I made it to be on same side with the washroom entrance, and hide the washroom inside the wardrobe.

This is a great idea, I think, as most of our friends who entered our master bedroom before were curious to ask: "Does your bedroom has an attached washroom? Where is it?"

Well, this is the custom made wardrobe in my master bedroom. It covers the whole wall surface of one side, and we like it very much.

Make a guess. Where the washroom is hiding in?
Here is it!

In fact, this same wardrobe also hides the entrance to a secret chamber. Guess where is it. Sorry, I won't show you here.

So how about the washroom for the other 2 bedrooms on the same floor? Many double storey houses let the other washroom to be shared by the other 2 bedrooms upstairs, which is also located inside and in between the 2 bedrooms. My house original design has that shared washroom detached from the 2 bedrooms and is located behind the family hall outside the rooms, so I don't have to hide it anyway. If the other bedrooms in your house are having the shared washroom inside the rooms, I think you could probably hiding the entrances with the same wardrobe idea too.


yy said... Reply To This Comment

why didnt show other part of design in yr house? i interesting to see whole..t^^

Voyager8 said... Reply To This Comment

Sure. In the near future.

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