Sunday, April 13, 2008

Panasonic cordless phone

This is the Panasonic cordless phone located in my living room. It was the cheapest cordless I could find, with a price tag of 2-digit RM only.

It doesn't have much fancy features, but good enough for my family. With a cordless phone, my family member can talk over the phone comfortably anywhere in the house, even walking around. It can also easily be passed around to other people since it is cordless.

I purposely chosen this model which is quite big in size with big buttons, because my parents prefer the big one so that they can easily see and press the buttons without hassle.


halcyon said... Reply To This Comment

Analogs are ok. DECT systems in Europe and Australia are facing issues related to sleep disorders as the nature of this system is full blast at all times:

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